Smart IQ School of Life is beyond normal Primary School Program. The primary school that provide holistic methodology instilling the knowledge for our next generation to be successful in the world and the here after.  The syllabus consist of all National, Cambridge, JAIS and Brain Education.

KINDIES & SCHOOL OF LIFE (Pre School & Primary school) characteristics :
- The first school in Malaysia who practise the MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE approach in learning and had received certification from UNIVERSITY OF HARVARD and been supervised by Prof Howard Gardner team themselves. 
- School that combine Academic (Cambridge & Malaysia) , Deeniyah (JAIS) and Brain Education syllabus under one roof.
- School that identify the potential by using scientific fingerprint report as guidance and do customize individual approaches that suite each students.
- The first school uses Blindfolded Training (POWER BRAIN) approach as brain training and stimulation which has been certified by University of Harvard. 
- School that emphasize on human intelligence such as EQ, SQ, IQ, CQ & AQ.
- School that teach life skills education as early as 4 years old.
- School that educate and prepare children are not just school readiness but for lifelong excellence and success hereafter.
- School with expertise from Brain Education with more than 10 years experience.
- School that teach foreign language in children as early as 4 years (Mandarin, Arabic, Japanese & Korean).
- School that use techniques encouraging rather than forcing and punishment. 
- Schools that not only stress on ability to read and memorize but emphasis on understanding and application of the knowledge that they learn.
- School that has less homework but more project and activity based learning. 
- School that apply the concept of diversity in learning and teaching.
- School that run 3 sports sunnah (archery, swimming and horse riding) as compulsory sports.
- School that use activity and play based stimulation techniques which maximize brain potential according to age and students.
- School that prepare healthy fresh menu, halalan toyyiban.
- School that emphasis English.
- School that has Quranics (Hafazan, Ibrah & Tadabbur).
- School that instilling creative thinking and problem solving thinking since young.
- School who has dedicated & loving team of teachers.


Blindfold is only a tool to ensure that the kids are able to FOCUS on the task handed to them. They are expected to use their intuition, memory and creativity in all sorts of activities created for them in a form of games. They will be unaware that the brain training is in progress as they sees it as just playing games. We incorporated FUN in all of our module so that the children will feel happy while learning.

This kind of revolutionary techniques and module can only be found here in Smart IQ. Sign up now and you will be amazed with your own children's abilities  and be thankful to Allah for the best choice for your children education path.

The Academic Session is from 8am-5pm.  Consist of all academic, Deeniyah and Brain Education Syllabus under one roof. 


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(DAIE - Discovery Awakening Integration Enhancement)
  1) Discovery 
     - Scientific Fingerprint Analysis
  2) Awakening
     - Brain Activation (Power Brain)
  3) Integration
     - Integration of Power Brain with Preschool Syllabus. 
  4) Enhancement
     - Enhance and master the skill.  

DAIE - which means as preacher or people who invites other people to do good deeds and continuous improvements.

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Extraordinary Preschool

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