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Brain Education and Jihad knowledge



Smart-IQ was founded by parents of 5, Dr Azmin and Dr Ruha in 2007 with a humble beginning all started with education for their kids. Along the journeys they have meet up with many talented and intelligent people from various country such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Canada and United States.  

As parents they want the best for their children. Their strong believe that everyone potential lies in every dimension of human being in soul, heart, mind and body. They start to do brain training to their eldest son who has categorized as slow learner by school teacher. With Allah Almighty love and grace tremendous improvement has been seen in his intellectual, attitude and character has changed once the brain has been activated and train accordingly. End up this so called labelled as slow learner graduated his degree years earlier than his peers.

With the same approaches and techniques they have successfully changed and improved many other children from normal to be extra ordinary by unleashing their human as well as brain potential to the level that we never expected or imagine. 


The journey continue to assist the parents and adult group in unlocking their true Brain Power. With the objectives to empower and unleash everyone healthy, peaceful, happiness and success in life.



To be the leading Islamic Brain Education Academy who inspire Muslim to be the best they can be to receive Allah blessing and grant Jannah without hisab.





To spread and promote the effective and powerful education methodology to produce more talented and super muslim whom can be nurture to be great leaders in future. 

To promote the use of the powerful mind that the greatest gift of God to know, to loves Allah, Rasullullah and to be beneficial to all His creatures.

To cultivate the usage of powerful brain capabilities by enhancing memory, creativity, Imagination and innovation.


To instill great person with great mind from the childhood until adults.


To inspire success and empower the strong believe in themselves.


To educate and inspire encourage all to have a good heart, praiseworthy manner and behaviour.


Awaken the Genius in you

Unleash your Potential Beyond Imagination

Our Founders : Dr Azmin & Dr Ruha

Both are Brain Trainer & Spiritual Teacher

ABOUT US: Inner_about
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