Smart IQ Academy is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing future leaders in many disciplines who make a difference to the society. With the strong believe that intelligence it not only measure by academic excellence but more to skill and talents we combine in each modules stimulation for EQ, SQ, IQ, CQ and AQ. 


We offer Series of online program which can be access virtually which can be divided into these group :

a) Spiritual

b) Brain Training

c) Online Neurotheraphy 


In this teaching we bring the message of basic understanding of who we are, where we are heading to, why we are here, what is our role and how to be  successful. Through the knowledge and practise Islamic Meditation with Zikr many benefits can be achieve in this life and hereafter. 

There will be 3 part of course which consisit of 24 topics/modules.

Note : Medium is in Bahasa Melayu (80%) and English (20%)



It is a 10 months experiencial learning with project online program. The program is research-based methodology from University of Brain Education, Harvard University and University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. This methods has been adapt to a series of fun yet stimulative activities and exercises that will unleash each individual potential and talents.


In this series of Course and E-Book for the children and adult to train the brain for better performance and as brain workout.

  • Brain Booster

  • Brain Bending

  • Brain Busting

  • Brain Games

Note : Will be offer SOON

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Neurotherapy is a pharmaceutical-free way treatment and therapy that utilizes pulses of light and sound at specific frequencies to gently and safely guide the brain into various brain wave patterns.

By altering your brain wave frequencies, you have the ability to boost your mood, improve sleep patterns, sharpen your mind and increase your level of relaxation with the simple theraphy.

The therapy also increases brain health by increasing cerebral blood flow and stimulating beneficial neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and endorphins.

This online Neurotherapy is optional suitable for case to case basis. For Better result patients and students are been advised to choose the Offline/Onsite Therapy.

The benefits from this Neurotheraphy :


Better academic erformance

Focus & Concentration

Better business and job performance

Business Owner

Anxiety / Depression

Better Job performance

Mood booster 

Self Confident

Brain Booster

Mind chattering.




Autisme (High functioning)


Anxiety / Depression

Sleep problem / anemia

Memory and Cognitive impairments.

Reduce pain and discomfort,


Note : Will be offer SOON