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SUMATO by Smart IQ

3 in 1 Fun and innovative Educational Brain Training Games for the whole family.

SUMATO by Smart-IQ
3 in 1 Fun and innovative Educational Brain Training Game

Consist of 3 step :
1) Sumato Speedy Set 1 - Vocab input Right Brain Method
2) Sumato XLR8 Set 1 - Vocab & Verbal output Game
3) Sumato PhotoMem - Photographic Memory Training Basic (15 Level)

Inclusive in a box :
1) Soft copy of Sumato Speedy and Sumato PhotoMem Training in On the Go USB pendrive - mobility use in Hand phone, Tablet, PC or TV. Flexible learning source and equipment for parents and teachers to be use in the class, at home, in the car or anywhere.
2) Sets of Sumato XLR8 Games - It's a sets of Brain Training in a form of Game card that will enhance your brain performance as you play. It can be play with the friends and the whole family. It is suitable to be use in the classroom as the exercise as well as family games at leisure time. It is so much fun and you will never get enough of it.
3) Set of PhotoMem -  Board Games which will enhance your memory retention. There are 450 exercises divided into 15 level of difficulties. It consist of photographic memory training with combination of elements of shapes, colour, picture and location. The exercise can be use in soft copy or hard copy which can be printed out as booklet. It's also can be use as a pack of material training in the classroom as well as at home.

All of the above material will be pack in a very small pocket size box for better mobility and flexibility.

*Benefit of Sumato is to enhance*
□ Focus & Concentration
□ Memory
□ Vocabulary & Linguistic
□ Verbal expression
□ Processing Speed
□ Motor Skill
□ Eye Coordination

Most importantly it is FUN for all ages.

You can get all of this 3 in 1 Fun and innovative Educational Brain Training Games at the price of RM259. But wait we have introductory special promotion now it's only for RM150. Get it now while stock last.


Now for limited time Set 2 Sumato XLR8 for RM45 per set. While stocks Last

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