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Blindfold Training
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Smart IQ Kindies is beyond normal Pre-School Program. We believe the best time to train the child Potential Brain Power is before the age of 7. The mission is to upgrade and to mould the brain to the fullest during the development period. With the right methodology and input together we strongly believe that we could produces super muslims. The super muslims who can perform very well in the world and hereafter. 

The golden age of 0-6 years old is a very crucial period to have a strong foundation so that the child will grow as an extra ordinary people in their life. Some parents only focusing on reading skills which should be master at early age whereby the brain training by right should come together. Due to lack of understanding on facts, they will missed this golden opportunity to train their children's brain during the development growth period and the true hidden brain potential will remain unlocked.

Our methodology will enable the child not only to be able to read, but also able to read blindfolded. This is the foundation of mental photographic reading abilities. This is an ability to read at the speed of 25000 words per minutes where in average human speed of reading is at 250 words per minutes.

Our module will train them not only to write and draw, but also to write and draw blindfolded. They also expected to have a powerful memorization skill, creativity and imagination. They also will have laser like FOCUS once they can master the skill of blindfolded archery.  They will be expected to have great intuition ability once they already master the skill of blindfolded martial art.

Blindfold is only a tool to ensure that the kids are able to FOCUS on the task handed to them. They are expected to use their intuition, memory and creativity in all sorts of activities created for them in a form of games. They will be unaware that the brain training is in progress as they sees it as just playing games. We incorporated FUN in all of our module so that the children will feel happy while learning.


   1) Discovery 

      - Scientific Fingerprint Analysis

   2) Awakening

      - Brain Activation (Power Brain Level 1)

   3) Integration

      - Integration of Preschool Syllabus with Brain Education 

   4) Enhancement

      - Enhance the talent and master the skill.

This kind of revolutionary techniques and module can only be found here in Smart IQ. Sign up now and you will be amazed with your own children's abilities  and be thankful to Allah for the best choice for your children education path.

The Academic Session is from 8.30am-1.00pm

The Module consist of :

   1) Academic - English, Mathematics, Science, BM & Pendidikan Islam.

    2) Smart Gym - Body and Brain Fitness

    3) Power Charge - Brain Stimulation

    4) Smart Reading - Reading Blindfold (BM, English, Iqra', Jawi)    

    5) Mental Arithmetic

    6) Photographic Memory

    7) Smart Art - Super Sensory Art & Smart Cooking

    8) Science Whiz (Experimental learning)

    9) Brain Games - Brain Training

   10) Smart Muslim - Islamic studies

   11) Smart Sports (Archery, Swimming & Equestrian)

   12) Smart Tadabbur & Tahfiz

   13) Living Skill


I've found my dream school

Extraordinary Preschool

Superb Photography Memory

Archery Blindfold - Bulls eye


Colour Block Blindfolded

Strong Photographic Memory

Swimming 2 meters Pool

Kindies read English book Blindfolded

Learning Japanese

Science Whiz

Colouring Blindfold (Malaysian Islamic Children Fair)

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